Research Peptides Reconstitution Calculator

How to determine how many micrograms (mcg) of peptide in each unit of an insulin syringe.

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Step 1

Syringe Volume (mL)     Step 4
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Step 2

Protein Peptide (MG)      

Step 3

Bacteriostatic Water (mL)        
  Each Unit has: mcg      
  Each tick mark has: mcg      

Conversion Tools

  Milligrams (MG) to Micrograms (MCG or ug)
MG = MCG (or ug)
Micrograms (MCG or ug) to Milligrams (MG)
MG = MCG (or ug)
Milliliters (mL) to Microliters (uL)
mL = uL
Microliters (uL) to Milliliters (mL)
uL = mL

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